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Benjamin Kerensa is a criminal and terrorist

Everyone needs to click that red link and read all the evidence and proof on how Benjamin Kerensa an employee of GraalOnline/ToonSlab/Stephane Portha is a repeat offender criminal and terrorist.

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April 30 2017


I was recently offered/asked by someone if they could mirror, link to or otherwise copy content on this site. - The answer is YES, just do it. It is all open source, creative commons or otherwise free.

Sorry for a lack of updates for the last few months, it's just that nothing interesting happens with Graal anymore, most of the former and current GraalOnline staff on the other hand were and are always criminals and terrorists.

I have 3 new big scoops for you related to GraalOnline and it's so called "staff" "the definition of staff according to GraalOnline, ToonSlab and Stephane Portha is apparently being a terrorist and criminal. but not having any actual qualifications or talents."

I dig up and shovel the dirt on scumbags Benjamin Kerensa and Carlito Santiago.

I also give more information and updates on GraalOnline and their vaporware "client updates" than they themselves have given "i.e. none".

- Plans are in motion, I and my co-admin at this site have been watching and waiting. Several good and innocent people who have been victims of the criminals Stephane Portha and Benjamin Kerensa like Michael Strickland, Mark Karpeles, Dave Taylor, Elroy Lamont, JellyFish, Antago, PACHUKA and others will be exonerated and redeemed and their names cleared from being the victims of the lying trash and their co-conspirators.

Evil people are about to hit the pavement hard and justice with a side serving of vengeance will soon be served through multiple means. Evil and corruption gets sloppy and makes mistakes, while good and justice is patient, waits for the right time to strike and swings the hammer down on the evil scum.

- I have them dead to rights and have sent the appropriate evidence to the appropriate authorities who will act upon it.

- If for some reason they do not, then the publicly available documentation is nothing compared to what I have that I will dump about these bastards. - "to summarize these people are all pedophiles, they are terrorists, they are multi billion dollar fraudsters responsible for stealing the MtGox bitcoins and lots of other monetary/stock object frauds and I have the goods to nail them to the wall." I won't stop fighting until justice is done and am prepared for any means necessary to finish this.

My advice to Stephane Portha, Gay Bouchery, Brock Pierce, Colin Rector, Carl Mark Force, Benjamin Kerensa, Carlito Santiago or any other co conspirators of the criminal conspiracy currently with the public face "ToonSlab" would be to drop everything, pack your bags and flee to one of the third world dictatorships without an extradition treaty with the United States "note that Stephane Portha has already fled to Mauritius and some others status is unknown".

Benjamin Kerensa aka Nova / NovaNET is a terrorist who attacks and frames innocent people. Viper now seeks revenge and to expose the scum.

For those that did not already know Benjamin Kerensa known as Nova/NovaNet was in the early to mid 2000's and maybe still is part of Stephane Portha's attempt at a Black Hat terrorist wet work team that threatened, attacked and DDoSed people he also tried impersonating me and several other people and send bomb threats to several places including to a gaming and coding conference in retaliation for refusing to allow him and Stephane to have a booth there. - He also tried doing bomb threats to schools myself and jellyfish used to go to along with several other places using spoofed emails in an attempt to frame me " this was done by Benjamin Kerensa at the request of Stephane Portha and at a time when Benjamin Kerensa was out on bail from his previous email bomb threats.

I, Viper am an innocent man that was framed and harassed for a crime he did not commit while having his former school, friends and associates attacked via fake bomb threats, I have not forgotten that and will never forgive that. I will have my revenge, I will have my blood "or in his case lamp oil" I will have my pound of flesh "or in his case metric ton of fat".

Blubber boy Benny if you are reading this know that you should look over your fat shoulders if you can in fear as Oregon is not so far away from me and I will be at one of the same Pro Trump rallies you and your anti-american antifa scum friends will try to harass and attack in the near future.

Know that at you scum are out of friends, your terrorist buddies Barry Soetoro, Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder are now out of office, your corrupt FBI buddies that tried to frame me, JellyFish and Mark Karpeles are either fired, retired or arrested and no longer there to save you or frame your enemies, pretending to be a fake FBI agent failed laughably and now nothing will be able to save your sorry fat ass any more.

Benny FatBoy you have overused your lies and dirty tricks and they are now there for all to see; you wasted your cards and soon you will be the next among many heads mounted onto my mantle. "maybe you, Carlito, Stephane, Gay Bouchery and a few other assorted criminal assholes who's time is running out can share a prison cell this time". Have a nice day fatty batty bitch boy ben with regards "your old friend Viper".

Now that the introductions, summaries are over below is the meat/fat exposing Ben The Fatass Terrorist Kerensa


While browsing 8chan pol, twitter, searching for Benjamin Kerensa and Benjamin Kerensa Antifa on and including - I came across some interesting intel. -

The Fat Fucker Terrorist's own twitter -

"Local Antifa named Benjamin Kerensa showed up with a baseball bat, same guy who got blogger Micheal Strickland arrested for defending himself, and same guy who has been pushing for "codes of conduct" in open source."

I found some new info via searching for Benjamin Kerensa and Benjamin Kerensa Antifa on and including - -

Here several documents are linked including - "Fat fucker in upper right corner"

Fat Fucker terrorist arrested again.

Jesus Christ man i know this is the internet but for fuck sakes lose some weight!


- Ben Kerensa is not just a lifetime criminal, he is a menace to others around him


Carlito is a woman beating sack of crap.

This story is thanks to a tip I received at the Graal Library inbox

Yes this in the story below is Carlito the same useless staff member that can't even complete a visual basic hello world, lies and slanders people, rips people off and overall has a nasty hateful personality and was slated to take the place of fatass terrorist Benjamin Kerensa only to be just as big of a failure, pathetic loser and criminal the only difference is Carlito is probably slightly less fat.

Be sure to click the link to the original article and scroll down to read the comments for a good laugh. It appears Stephane Portha posted there and he actively supports domestic violence and terrorism and not only condones but also actively supports those people and that behavior.


Inmate released in error from Middleton Jail


MIDDLETON Middleton Jail officials blame missing paperwork as the reason why the correctional facility mistakenly released a man Thursday night who was charged in a series of domestic abuse incidents.

Carlito Santiago, 32, a former Peabody resident, was found less than 24 hours later, on Friday afternoon, in Malden and is back in custody, said Dennis Newman, chief of staff to Essex County Sheriff Kevin Coppinger.

But Santiago's victim and former girlfriend is still angry at the latest mistake by officials handling Santiago's cases in multiple jurisdictions. 


"They need to get it together," said Erica Almeciga, 31, of Beverly. "This is why we see women getting killed." 

Santiago was nearing the completion of a jail term in Plymouth County for violating his probation in a case in which he was convicted of stalking Almeciga and threatening to kill her. 

While in custody, Santiago allegedly violated a restraining order 29 times by calling her in Beverly. 

He was brought to Middleton Jail so he could address the pending charges in Salem District Court, where his bail was set at a total of $1,500 in two separate complaints, according to court records. 

On Thursday evening, around 9:30 p.m., someone came to the jail to post his bail. Though Santiago was supposed to remain in custody until a probation hearing in Brockton District Court later this month, he was released. 

Fugitive task forces from both Plymouth and Essex counties looked for Santiago on Friday, said Newman, and found him in Malden. 

Newman said officials in Plymouth County had not sent paperwork to Middleton Jail indicating that Santiago was supposed to remain in custody, and when the bail was posted at the jail at 9:30 p.m., there was no way to call the court to check. 

He said the department has been trying to obtain online access to all court records for several months, which would have allowed the bail clerk or another employee to check for any notations on Santiago's case indicating that he should not be released. 

Almeciga said she woke to find a note at her door from police letting her know Santiago had been released. 

She then spent several hours making calls to let officials in both counties know about the error.

Almeciga said she was still reeling from another mistake, this one by officials in the Dorchester Municipal Court, who gave Santiago an un-redacted police report that contained her Social Security number and other personal information during a court proceeding there last year. 


That case, she said, involved an alleged attempt by Santiago to take her children from school. 

Almeciga said she dated Santiago (the brother of a friend) briefly, from October 2015 until January 2016, then broke things off. 

She said Santiago became "obsessive" after that, "blowing up" her phone with constant calls and messages. 

Almeciga said she has a medical condition that is aggravated by stress. 

"This stress is not something I need," she said. 

Courts reporter Julie Manganis can be reached at 978-338-2521, by email at or on Twitter at @SNJulieManganis.



There will be no new Graal client from Unixmad/GraalOnline/Toonslab and their so called "staff" is unqualified, incompetent and corrupt.

All the kids who still care about Graal "i.e. 3 retards on iphones" keep asking "When is the new graal client coming out?" "When will there be any new content at all?" "HUUUR I'm excited about this secret Graal Worlds thing".

Graal Worlds is not a product, not a new server and not iphone/android/facebook getting linked up with PC, it is an error due to bad coding and lazyness. Since the days of PC Graal version 1.2 there was a psuedo web server/html motd popup that was served via the server. Prior to that a similar method was used for Java Graal and Graal 1.1 to serve the level data. This data is simply bleeding through and occasionally floats to the surface much like the turd it is. Sorry to burst your computer/tech ignorant bubbles but it's as simple as that and nothing new or good is ever coming out of GraalOnline again.

- Everything I've said in my past posts "see Archive/Page 2 Archive/Page 3 Archive/Page 4" seems to have been accurate and spot on. There was no new Graal client since v6, no new development at all whatsoever and there was not and still isn't any talented or capable developers that can actually make anything.

"fp4 is a talentless phony that couldn't so much as make a hello world in visual basic nonetheless a working client or anything. Why unixmad actually thought him or Carlito "who was arrested for beating women" could actually make ANYTHING is beyond me other than the fact that he has nobody else and cannot pay real money for a programmer/coder or so much as a janitor.

fp4 is some unpaid, unqualified cowardly kid and carlito a girl beating little mexi-coward "the standard qualifications for the GraalOnline staff" that moderates the garbage dump forum known as and who tried banning me from there because I refused to stop telling the truth about him and his "buddy" Unixmad being complete and utter frauds.

That's pretty much the whole global GraalOnline/Toonslab team summarized. If these people talk of making a so-called fantastic "new client" "which was supposed to be released in February 2017 and before that October 2016" they are simply lying.

So if any of the morons from Graalians, GraalOnline Forums, Reddit, Facebook or other retard places come here my advice to them and to you is just read this, re-read my older posts and see that I'm confirmed right so many times and again now.

Get it through your thick skulls that GraalOnline is permanently dead/abandoned and nothing new is coming. Stephane Portha just sits back in hiding collecting the bread crumbs from the iOS/Android sales from the retard kids, that's it period.


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