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This is the official website and private servers of NekoRoy.

What is this place? This is a TLD "Top Level Domain" connected to private servers to host websites, content and various other stuff for NekoRoy and other select private individuals.

About the name Neko is the Japanese word for cat and Roy is a common name, both are combined to create the name NekoRoy. - NekoRoy was the name originally used in the early 1990's in various places such as UseNET, FTP, BBS, IRC CTCP, DCC, FTP and others.

Why I made this site I have been making websites, setting up servers and doing other various technical stuff for over 20 years "as of 2014". I finally decided to create and set up a new network of websites, private servers and other stuff in 2012. I did this because I saw the internet censorship by big corrupt unethical entities and people. I wanted my own place to put stuff without the google, facebook or other scumbags censoring or deleting it.

Owning and running my own TLDs and the servers connected to it gives me all rights, legal recourse and protection of the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, Tort/Contract and all other applicable laws. Anyone trying to shut me down or censor any of my content on the domain or anything connected to it will be in for a big fight, push back, rude awakenings and other unpleasant surprises.

I don't bow to fake/frivolous threats, attacks, harassment or dirty tricks of any kind. I have fought liars and scum for over 20 years and won every time and will continue doing so forever.


(C)1999-2017 NekoRoy -

This site/server/host/owner is covered under and protected by the United States Laws, Constitution and Bill of Rights 1st Amendment, 4th Amendment, Fair Use 17 U.S. Code 107 and 47 U.S. Code 230 and all others see also - This place will not remove any content due to threats, harassment, bullying or anything else.