About NekoRoy

NekoRoy.com is the website of NekoRoy who is a casual and professional gamer, technology enthusiast and animated cat character.

NekoRoy is a character I originally created in 1994 for various internet games, MUCKs, MUDs, BBS and other things.

Since the early 90's I have moved on to newer and better things. NekoRoy has evolved from text to 2d to 3d.

Neko is the Japanese word for cat. NekoRoy essentially means "A cat named Roy".  Further translation also puts the name as "The Cat King". No need to really over think it, it's simply a name I made up a long time ago.

I created NekoRoy.com in 2012 to expand upon this character and as a centralized website for my multimedia and web content and to post whatever I feel like posting.

- NekoRoy fanart made by Balerion from Aranzeb

- 2020 to the present has been some of the dumbest craziest times I have ever seen

and that's saying a lot...


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